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Ian Breakwell's Christmas Diary

Ian Breakwell
8 programmes Colour Broadcast
Annalogue productions for channel 4

Ian Breakwell's Christmas Diary

A televisual diary which takes a disrespectful attitude to the festive season.

We share the artist's provocative and entertaining thoughts through the festive season. Digs at the establishment, politicians and conventions interspersed with items such as alternative christmas recipes - squirrel Ravioli, Guinea pig Creole style and Stir-fried dog.

Commissioned by Channel 4 and produced by independent producer Anna Ridley of Annalogue productions, Breakwell's Xmas Diaries took the same form as his Continuous Diaries. Comprising of eight programmes broadcast alongside other channel 4 programmes, the Xmas Diaries offer Breakwell's view of the Christmas period, and mark his debut as TV chef and gourmet.

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