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Light Water Power

Katharine Meynell

Installation made with Alistair Skinner

Light Water Power

'For the opening of the Lux building, we continued the theme of inputs and outputs, which seemed appropriate for a facility house and screening space, looking at layers of history and concealed structures that are present on a site. We drew and mapped out electrical supplies and sewers etc. from the architect plans and extending them onto the pavement, inventing a few from the street to gain access to the mains supply.
Four sources documented the digging up of the road to mend a mains supply, we trashed a camera with the vibrations of the drills. A fifth source had fax machines, location shots, gas burning, plugs, cables and all sorts of inputs and outputs including a homage to the late Kurt Kren.'- Katharine Meynell

'Light Water Power in the foyer of the new Lux cinema in Hoxton Square… Three monitors set into the floors of the foyer showed the slow progression from pierced tarmac to mess and muddle as council workers dug the proverbial hole in the road. The civic system of utilities is designed to facilitate the needs and digestive behaviours of the human animal. So within the dictates of their subject, Kate and Alistair chose to intersperse the maps and steet scenes with playful images of related activities such as dialling a phone, switching the light on and taking a shit. They viewed the piece as a collective performance and invited spectators to join in by drinking water and excreting it into the public sewer system. All very hygienic, but the London Film-maker's Co-op who commissioned the piece didn't see it that way. The offending shit shot was relegated to the floor monitors while the acceptable images of a muddy hole in the road lost their conceptual edge by being projected onto the walls.'
Catherine Elwes, MAKE

Commissioned for the opening of LUX building in 1997 (LFMC/ACE).

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