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Paperbag Piece

Katharine Meynell

Performance/ Audio work

Paperbag Piece

A large brown paper bag in a space, attached to the end of the bag, like an umbilical cord, is a pair of headphones resting on a small child's chair a few feet away. The sound from inside the bag can be heard on the headphones. This is a work about inside and outside, interior and exterior, public and private.

The work takes place over two hours, preferably at a mealtime. The occupant of the bag remains concealed throughout. Two microphones are used, one to monitor internal body noises, heart beat, stomach gurgle etc. the other to monitor food noises. Food is eaten, fizzy drinks consumed, and books read, the paper bag rustles, and moves with the body inside.

The 'audience' sits on a small chair and has the internal noises from the bag available on the headphones.

Performed at Chocoblock

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