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Wet and Dry

Katharine Meynell


Wet and Dry

In the first, is a duratrans photograph of a man encased in larva in a glass box. This is taken at Pompeii. The man as he lay dead, encapsulated at that moment, is unchanged through time.

In the second, within a receding black box, is a glass of water and a pumice stone, essential elements suggested by the first and third.

In the third, is a video showing a close-up shot of a man masturbating (suggesting another loss of time - within an internal space of the physical moment). Over this image is a text from Saint Augustine:

''For we know, O Lord, that the extent to which something once was, but no longer is, is the measure of its death; and the extent to which something once was not, but now is, is the measure of the beginning.''

Built into a flat are three small, glazed holes in a row. Light box, 1 monitor

Shown at Gasworks, London and Join the Dots, Salzberg

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