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Adventures Close to Home

Keith Piper

Multi-projector tape slide installation

Adventures Close to Home

A project developed in response to the shooting in her Brixton home of Cherry Groce on 28th September 1985, which left her paralysed.

And the police raid on the Tottenham home of Cynthia Jarrett a week later, leading to her death from a heart attack.

"Our mothers would often tell us to look respectable, keep good company, stay home and keep off the streets. In Autumn 1985, all of these assumptions were blown out of the window… The homes which we had been told were havens of safety were entered by policemen bearing arms. One mother was shot and paralysed, another was killed. Atrocity had been brought not just close to home, but into the home.."

Press release of the joint show with artist Donald Rodney at the Pentonville Gallery in August 1987..

The installation comprised of four 35mm dissolve and timer controlled slide projections onto either side of a semi translucent muslin screen with audio component.

Commissioned by Pentonville Gallery, London, as part of the exhibition Adventures Close to Home

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