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Relocating the Remains

Keith Piper

Relocating the Remains

The collective title for a retrospective project commission by InIVA including an exhibition comprised of three media installations: 'UnRecorded Histories'. 'UnClassified' ,'Another Arena' and a number of lightbox pieces. Each installation was comprised of elements of earlier projects. It also include a monograph by Kobena Mercer an interactive CD-Rom documenting work since 1981 and a web site.

UnRecorded Histories.

An interactive installation with computer and monitor housed in desk controlling projected computer animation's on an 8ft by 6ft suspended screen in ornate frame. A reactivation of a number of past works exploring themes around the historical legacies of racism and imperialism, such as 'Cargo Cultures, Go West Young Man, and The Ghosts of Christendom.



An Interactive Installation with computer terminals placed in dexion shelves with resin and cardboard lightboxes and mixed media. A reactivation of elements from past projects exploring themes of surveillance and classification, such as 'Tagging the Other', 'Caught like a nigger in Cyberspace' and the 'Fictions of Science'.

Another Arena.

An installation with 2 video projections. Dual stream computer montaged video animation with audio. A redevelopment and expansion of the single channel Video Piece 'The Nations Finest'.

This major solo exhibition re-presented Piper's work from 1982 - 1996 in three interactive installations.
Viewers could navigate and engage interactively with Piper's work, its history and concerns through interactive consoles and large-scale video projections. Royal College of Art, London; Ikon Gallery, Birmingham; New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York

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