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Laura Mulvey & Peter Wollen
30 mins Colour 16 mm


AMY! could be subtitled 'Portrait of a Heroine?'.

It is planned to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of Amy Johnson's epic solo flight to Australia in 1930, to commemorate it and to comment on it. AMY! is neither a drama not a portrait in the conventional sense, but an assembly of sounds and images which evoke the subject through historic documents and relics, re-enactments and metaphors. The film also asks an underlying question; what is a heroine? We want to enquire into the idea and image of the heroine, not in an explicitly theoretical way, though the film has a theoretical background, but by putting fragments on display to suggest both the frustrations from which heroism is born and to which it is condemned, and at the same time something of the exhilaration it provides for the heroine herself and for others. Formally, our points of reference are Maya Deren and Gertrude Stein.

Statement by the artists, 1980

The film is not so much about Amy-the-woman as about the power of representations to fix the meaning of events. Amy becomes a legend that can be consumed and her action loose (sic) its subversive potential.
Jane Clarke, Spare Rib, August 1980.

South East Arts Association
camera: Diane Tammes
sound and editing: Larry Sider

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