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Lis Rhodes bibliography

Articles and reviews

  • 1977
    Birgit Hein and Wulf Herzogenrath, Ed., Film as Film
    Cologne, Berlin, Essen and Stuttgart (1910 bis Heute, catalogue entry for exhibition)
  • 1985
    'On Pictures on Pink Paper', Susan Stein, Undercut
  • 1988
    'Sexual Identities : Questions of Difference (from Cultural Identities)', Gayatri Spivack and Jacqueline Rose, Undercut
    No.17, Spring
  • 1988
    Peter Gidal, Undercut
    No.17, Spring
  • 1989
    'Lis Rhodes, Light Reading', Peter Gidal, Materialist Film
    publ. Routledge
  • 1990
    'Cold Draft, A Decade of British Experimental Film & Video Art', Sandra Lahire, Undercut
  • 1990
    Annette Kuhn, Ed., The Womens Companion to International Film
    publ. Virago Press (Entry)
  • 1991
    British Film Catalogue
    publ. the British Film Institute and the British Council (Entry)
  • 1993
    Carson, Welsch and Dittmar, Ed., Multiple Voices
    publ. University of Minnesota Press
  • 1996
    David Curtis, Ed., A Directory of British Film & Video Artists
    ISBN 186020 004 4, publ. The Arts Council (Entry)
  • 1997
    International Touring Programme
    Institute of Contemporary Art and British Council Biennial of Independent Film & Video (catalogue entry)
  • 1999
    A.L.Rees, A History of Experimental Film and Video
    publ. bfi publishing
  • 2000
    Live in Your Head
    publ. Whitechapel Art Gallery, London ( catalogue entry)
  • 2000
    Experimental Film/Video
    publ. Image Forum, Tokyo (Image Forum Festival 2000, catalogue entry)
  • 2000
    'Dresden Dynamo', The Other British Cinema, alternative British film culture over the last 40 years
    publ. National Film Institute (Programme entry)

Own writings

  • 1985
    'Poème de Lis Rhodes', SCRATCH
    Paris No. 8, Octobre
  • 1986
    'Her Image Fades as Her Voice Rises', Charlotte Brunsden, Ed.,
    publ. British Film Institute (Joint article with Felicity Sparrow, in Films for Women)
  • 1996
    Michael O'Pray, Ed.,
    publ. Arts Council, ISBN 1 86020 004 4

Conferences and papers

  • 1986
    Non-Narrative Film
    paper given at British Art Centre. Yale University
  • 1994
    Crise économique et nouvelles stratégies pour la création artistique
    paper given at Deuxième Rencontres Internationales,ArtCinéma/Video/Ordinateur, Paris
  • 1998
    Pour une Ecologie des Media
    paper given at Troisième Rencontres Internationales Art Cinéma/Video/Ordinateur
  • 1998
    Towards A Media Ecology
    The Lux Centre for Film, Video & New Media, London ( panel member in discussion between artists before an invited audience)
  • 2002
    Artists Moving Image: developing a strategy for London
    The London Institute 30 April and 28 May (organised by the Arts Council of England, invited member, seminars : Production and Audiences - Education and Participation)
  • 2002
    Shoot Shoot Shoot Symposium,
    This event was webcast at Starr Auditorium, Tate Modern, London 4 May (Artists panel member, which re-examined the period 1969-79, in which many British artists embarked on radical experiments and innovations in multi-screen expanded cinema projection, and the emergence of an underground movement, its international significance, and the relations between avant-garde film and mainstream cinema, experimental video, painting, sculpture, performance and photography.)
  • 2002
    On translation
    Avanto Helsinki Media Art Festival, Kiasma Theatre of the State Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki November 21 (introductory paper to Retrospective)

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