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Horror Film 2

Malcolm Le Grice
25mins Colour
Film performance with 3D spectacles

Horror Film 2

Horror Film 2 uses a back projection screen with a variety of projection sources, including a red and green source close together.

The space and action behind the screen is revealed piece by piece by the shadows from discrete light sources (search light eyes, an analog for the camera), the information which is given is continually contradicted by further information from different light sources , including the red and green Stereoscopic source ( the piece is viewed with red and green glasses). It is an illusionistic piece; in much the same way that the tricks of a magician are illusionistic, all the components for the illusion are concretely available. It explores some of the primitive mechanisms for dealing with information from sometimes contradictory traces, but which none the less are known to be being produced out of an 'actuality' in current real TIME/SPACE. M.L.G. 'Real Time/Space', Art and Artists Dec 1972.

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