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Malcolm Le Grice
18mins Colour 16mm
Six Screen projection performance


Matrix, for instance, is a six-screen film comprising six film loops of optically printed colour frames.

Each screen is further split in half by the use (in printing) of an 8mm mask, and the colours are interspaced with black frames, cretaing twelve areas of rhythmic, visual pulsation. But the twelve areas do not remain discrete, because in the performance Le Grice manipulates the projectors so that the images overlap entirely or by half: he starts from a normal single-screen image and expanded to a large screen area of six pairs of images, then contracts the space down to a 'normal' size again.

The superimposition of the colour loops yelds complex compositions of colour as well as of rhythm, and the screen space is not accepted as given but is exploited as needed. There is a strong sense of shifting lines of horizontality and verticality as the screen shapes shifts. In this way, Le Grice effectively activates what is normally passive screen space. Deke Dusinberre, 'On Expanding Cinema', Studio International 1976.

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