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Margaret Tait
32 mins Colour 16mm


A study of land: a study of work through the seasons.

'This is a landscape study of an Orkney croft, with thefigure of the crofter, Mary Graham Sinclair, very much inthe picture. The croft is West Aith, on the edge of a smallloch, which almost every passing visitor stops tophotograph or draw or paint. I have been filming thisbeautiful place since 1977, observing many of the humanactivities which alter and define how it looks. The croft is worked in the old style, and has unfenced fields, tethered animals, and flagstone roofs. Mechanised aids arebrought in when appropriate, but much is done by onewoman's labour. The film is constructed so that thesequences are like a number of canvases.'
Note: 'Makar' is a Scots word, meaning 'poet'.

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