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Reversion of the Beast Folk

Mark Aerial Waller
12 mins Video

Reversion of the Beast Folk

Reversion of the Beast Folk opens with the view from the passenger seat of a Lamborghini Countach, which screeches through traffic on an endless highway, passing cars inside and out.

Cutting to a barren landscape, two figures are seen to emerge from behind a rock and meander through the depth of field. Here Waller, who approaches his work through the reading of classic literature, employs H.G. Wells' endlessly perverted The Island of Doctor Moreau as his field of agitation.

Reversion of the Beast Folk concerns the conquest of new territory, pre-judgement and swift punishment, and the laying down of a New Law. For the film's soundtrack Waller employs Beethoven's Emperor in collision with recordings of the camera's own mechanism. The work climaxes with Brazilian Umbanda, music for religious ritual dedicated to the goddess of sex, Pomba Gira.

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