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Closing/Close By

Michael Curran
60 mins Colour Video
A collaboration between artists Michael Curran and Imogen Stidworthy

Closing/Close By

The product of a collaboration between artists Michael Curran and Imogen Stidworthy, 'Closing/close by' meditated on the power of cinema and storytelling.

The installation format of the piece incorporates two large video monitors suspended from the gallery ceiling. From the darkness of each of the screens, the light of a match illuminates the faces of the artists/performers as they recount, in a call-and-response exchange, details from abstracted film scenarios. A series of photographs arranged around the gallery space pick up on details of places in the stories. Texts, maps and other drawings also appeared to refer to aspects of the narratives. Alongside these elements was a large-scale projection of a looping film sequence shot in Marion Wilson Park, London, the key location in Antonioni's 'Blow-Up'.

Image courtesy Film and Video Umbrella

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