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I Can See My Way Home

Michael Curran
20 mins cycle Colour Video

I Can See My Way Home

In the installation I Can See My Way Home two video projections run in separate but adjoining rooms.

On one screen emerges the caretaker of a stately home. In a slow deliberate action he opens the closed shutters in the main body of the house. This routine is performed with great precision, after which he dons a pair of white gloves to move precious items of furniture. He then proceeds to vacuum the rooms.

On the other screen a torch beam explores the devastated interiors of ruined home. The uncertain beam floats through the darkness catching sections of pillar, doorway, cornice and moulding. In the main saloon, the beam searches for details upon the elaborately decorated Palladian ceiling, and across the room's outer walls draped with plaster foliage and flowers.

Between the two spaces sound unfolds in a succession of voices, fragmentary music and stray sound effects. The tenure of this soundscape is uncertain, at times seeming to suggest the scripting of film in the familiar haunted house genre. The overall effect is off a soundtrack cast adrift, looking for a film to inhabit. In the playing out of the soundtrack a voice suddenly rises and whispers:

Now I know where I'm going. I'm disappearing inch by inch..
into this house..
I will not be frightened or alone ever again.
I've broken the spell.. I'm home.. I'm home..

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