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Nina Danino
75mins Colour / B&W 35mm
Voice performances by Sainko Namtchylak, Shelley Hirsch and Catherine Bott.


Temenos means 'ritual precinct'; a sacred place, a place apart. The film takes the phenomena of visionary experience and places of apparition; places where the Virgin is said to have appeared or still be appearing.

The film attempts to construct a parallel world in which Nature and ordinary things such as a tree or the sound of a bee acquire a heightened presence. In this filmic world certain things, such as a particular rose stand out as more photogenic. This hyper real world does not alter or disturb reality but co-exists with it. A disquieting dimension manifests itself in a becalmed landscape in which listening, stillness and quiet predominate, in which sound, such as the call of a bird, also acquires this enhanced quality. But it can turn into a hallucinary landscape of Llamadas or impulses, a psychic territory composed of images, voices and drives which can become frightening, disturbing and empowering.

These thresholds and boundaries are marked by changes in the landscape, the scope of the voice, the sweep of a view, the mutability of weather, in sequences and parts which draw you in, produce drama, spectacle and suspense. This territory created by the voice, is also a nomadic acoustic range moving from a pastoral landscape and its wide open space echoing with children and happy memories cut by the lament, to the below-zero temperatures, the wind and such details of nature as the sound of a bee, to the psychodrama at the rosebush. The Temenos is an unlocatable geography, an internal psychic landscape, an acoustic precinct, a territory of distance and time.ND.

Cinematography: David Scott, Nick Gordon Smith. Singers; Sainkho Namtchylak, ( Nature, Virgin, Vocal Landscapes), Shelley Hirsch (States, Visionaries and Voices), Catherine Bott (Soprano) Sound Paul Hamblin, Produced by Nina Danino & James Mackay. Financed by the National Lottery, CICV, BFI, London Production Fund. Filmed in the geographical locations and landscapes of apparitions of the Virgin.

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