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8mm Film Notes on 16mm

Peter Gidal
40mins Colour 16mm

8mm Film Notes on 16mm

"I said to Sitney, at dinner in July, I have found your structuralists, P. Adams, and they are in England."

Complete to the diacritical mark, influences of Warhol, the whole number..I saw a number of films that interested me in London; then I saw two that illuminated me, permanent acquisitions of the mind. One was your 8mm film (what-ever the hell is it called?), establishing the maker absolutely in my affection as artist. So that you could publicly have sited Zorns Lemma or King Kong or anything bloody else as an affront to civilisation, and I would still be defending you as incapable of doing any wrong, so glory and laud to you..." -Hollis Frampton in correspondence 1971.

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