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Peter Gidal bibliography

On Gidal

Selected Essays

  • Film im Untergrund, W & B Hein, (Ullstein, Frankfurt, 1971)
  • Film Is..Steve Dwoskin, (Peter Owen, Viking, 1975)
  • Eine Subgeschichte des Films ,Scheugl / Schmidt, (Suhrkamp, 1976)
  • Abstract Film and Beyond, Malcolm LeGrice (MIT Press, 1977)
  • Questions of Cinema, Stephen Heath, (Macmillan & Indiana UP, 1980, 1986, 1994)
  • British Avant Garde Film 1960-1980 starting from the work of Peter Gidal and Malcolm LeGrice, Alain Sudre, (Doctorate, Sorbonne, 1981)
  • Critical History of British Cinema , Roy Armes, (Oxford UP, 1978)
  • Readings and Writings , Peter Wollen, (NLB/Schocken, 1983)
  • Film: The Front Line, Jonathan Rosenbaum, (Arden Press, 1983)
  • Concepts in Film Theory, Dudley Andrew, (Oxford UP, 1984)
  • The Elusive Sign, Mike O'Pray, (British Council, 1988)
  • Sexuality in the Field of Vision, Jacqueline Rose, (NLB/Pantheon, 1986, 1995)
  • Western Film Theory and Films, You Zheng Li, (Beijing, 1987)
  • The Crisis of Political Modernism , David Rodowick, (Illinois UP, 1989)
  • The Aesthetics of Loss and Lessness, Angela Moorjani, (St.Martins Press, NY/Macmillan, London 1992)
  • Tilda Swinton / Moira Sweeney, Between Imagination and Reality (ICA/British Council, 1990 & 1992)
  • English Avant Garde Film 1926-1996 incl. Nicky Hamlyn's 'Structuralist Traces' (ed. Michael O'Pray, Arts Council / Luton University Press, 1997)
  • A History of Experimental Film and Video, Al Rees,( BFI. London, 1999)
  • Undercut Reader (eds. Mike Maziere / Nina Danino: Wallflower Press, London, 2003)
  • Film Art Phenomena, Nicky Hamlyn, BFI Publ. London, 2003
  • Avant-Garde Film. Films, Themes and Passions, Wallflower Press, 2003.

Selected Reviews

  • 'Peter Gidal's Rhetorical Strategy', Deke Dusinberre, Screen, Summer 1977
  • Screen Winter 1976, Summer 1979, Autumn 1984
  • After Image (nos. 4, 6, & 7)
  • Jonas Mekas' Film Diary in The Village Voice (reprinted in 'Mekas, Complete Film Diaries', 1998)
  • L'Art Vivant Dominique Noguez in Cinema Different, Feb. 1975
  • NY Times, Film Form, Camera Obscura (no.1),
  • Monthly Film Journal (Spring 1978, Winter 1983, 1990)
  • Undercut (no.19, Hamlyn, Autumn 1990)
  • 'Peter Gidal's Anarchic Criticism' Darren Tofts in Journal of Beckett Studies, Spring 1993
  • Art Monthly (O'Pray, June 1988)
  • Filmwaves (n.7, Spring 1999)
  • Dazed and Confused (London,10th anniv.issue, Feb 2003)

By Gidal


  • 1971 Andy Warhol: Films and Paintings (Studio Vista, London; Dutton, NY; Parco, Tokyo; reprint 1973 & 1978; New Edition, Da Capo Press, NY , 1992)
  • 1976 Structural Film Anthology, includes introductory essay: 'Theory and Definition of Structural / Materialist Film' (British Film Institute, London, reprint 1978)
  • 'Theory and Definition of Structural/Materialist Film', has appeared in French, German, Italian; Chinese edition published in Beijing, 1981, reprinted 1987; Taiwan Chinese edition 1991. Reprinted in English in 2003: Critical Concepts in Film Theory (Routledge, London, 4 vols)
  • 1986 Understanding Beckett: A Study of Monologue and Gesture in the Work of Samuel Beckett (Macmillan, London; St. Martins Press, NY; paperback1988; reprint with new Introduction 1996).
  • 1989 Materialist Film (Routledge, London & Boston; reprint 1990)

Contributions to Anthologies

  • 1973 'On Warhol's Time', in Mary Douglas, Rules and Meanings: The Anthropology of Everyday Knowledge (Penguin Books, London, various foreign editions)
  • 1980 'Technology and Ideology in Avant-Garde Film: An Instance', in The Cinematic Apparatus, ed. by Teresa de Lauretis and Stephen Heath (Macmillan, London; St. Martins Press, NY; paperback reprint 1986)
  • 1985 'On Beckett's Ghost Trio Video Play', Transmissions, ed. by P.D. Agostino (Tanam Press, NY)
  • 1988 'Dialogue and Dialectic in Godot', in Casebook: Beckett's Waiting for Godot, ed. Ruby Cohn (Macmillan, London)
  • 1989 'Beckett and Sexuality' in Women in Beckett, ed. Linda Ben Zvi (University of Illinois Press; reprint 1991)
  • 1989 'Warhol's Early Films' in Warhol Film Factory, ed. Michael O'Pray (BFI Publications, London; Univ. of Indiana Press, USA)
  • 1992 'Gegen Metapher' in Neue Filmtheorie (Löcker Verlag, Vienna)
  • 1995 'No Eye: Theoretical Reflections on the Eye, Metaphor, Film and Video' in The Savage Eye, ed. Catharina Wulf & Jean-Michel Rabate (Rodopi, Amsterdam)
  • 2001 Mutations, (Rumours) Rem Koolhaas, Hans Ulrich Obrist (Arc en Reve)
  • 2002 'Beckett and Others and Art' (1974) Two thirds reprinted in Beckett Aujourd hui/Beckett Today (Rodopi Publ. Netherlands)
  • 2003 Undercut Reader.ed. Maziere / Danino, reprints of five articles from 1970-1990 (Wallflower Press, London 2003)
  • 2003 'Understanding Beckett' in Language / Discourse /Society Reader (Ed. Stephen Heath, London, Palgrave/Macmillan)

Selected Essays on Art and Film

  • Theory and Definition of Structural / Materialist Film Film Issue, Studio International, Nov. 1975 (orig. version), reprint in The English Avant Garde Film, ed. Michael O'Pray, Luton Univ Press/Arts Council, London 1997
  • Beckett & Others & Art: A System Studio International, Nov. 1974 (after Art & Artists version, 1973); reprint in Beckett Today/Beckett Aujourd hui, Rodopi, The Hague, 2001
  • On Photography Studio International, Sept. 1973
  • Some Problems Relating to Warhol's Still Life 1976 Artforum, May 1978
  • Beckett's TV play Ghost Trio Artforum, May 1979
  • The Anti-Narrative 1978 Screen, Summer 1979
  • Letter on Ontology Screen, Summer 1976
  • Exchange on Theory and Definition After Image no.7 (London 1978)
  • Time-Out Feature Interview with Peter Gidal on Aesthetics Jan. 18, 1980 / Letter response Jan 25, 1980
  • Politics, History, and the Avant Garde Wide Angle, March 1983, Ohio, USA
  • Against Sexual Representation in Film Screen, Nov 1984
  • On Julia Kristeva Undercut 10, 1984 (London)
  • Fugitive Theses re Therese Oulton's Paintings Catalogue essay, Gimpel Fils, London 1984 The Anti-Zoom (A Little Polemic against Metaphor) Review of Contemporary Fiction, Summer, 1987, USA
  • Against Metaphor Fascicle Books, London 1988
  • Endless Finalities / Endlose Endlichkeit (Gerhard Richter's Painting) Parkett, March 1993 (Zurich and NY); repr. in Richter's Raisonne 1963-93 (Bonn)
  • The Polemics of Paint Richter in the 1990's: catalogue / book, Anthony d'Offay Gallery, London, 1995
  • Different and the Same (Richter, Oulton, Warhol) ACT (Art, Criticism, Theory) n.3, Pluto Press, 1997
  • Flashback: filmmaking and writing Filmwaves, London, April 1999
  • Once is Never: Warhol's Saturday Disaster and Blowjob Andy Warhol: Series and Singles, Yale University Press, 2001 (bilingual in Beyeler Foundation / Dumont catalogue, Basel/Frankfurt, September 2000)
  • Speaking of these Paintings (Discussion with Therese Oulton) Therese Oulton: Clair / Obscure (Marlborough Fine Art, London, 2003)
  • Time Regained (Sort of), Tate Magazine, London, August 2003
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