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Upside Down Feature

Peter Gidal
76mins B/W & Colour

Upside Down Feature

Also called: Upside Down Backwards Negative Out-take feature. Mainly.

Clarification attempt. Bending time + space, reconceptualization, unbending, disassocativeness of word and image, disconnection, interruption.

"Hopefully transformative 'use' of Proust, Duchamp, Beckett, Cage. How it is is what it is." -P.G. 1972.

"UDF explored the problem of simultaneous function of two distinct language forms which draws attention to the fallacy of assuming that communication occurs during the process of sympathetic involvement common to the technique of the commercial movie. It does this by keeping before the viewer what is being communicated and how; rarely if ever allowing a "standard" representation or reference to reality." -P.G. Afterimage 4 1973

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