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Ron Haselden
80 mins Colour Video
Made with Marcel Dinahet and Jean-Marc Huitorel.


Through the changing seasons, a field in Brittany, France was photographed and a slowly dissolving sequence was made of the changing views.

Sounds of events occurring during this time were added from animal calls to church bells, hunters with guns and rifle shots, low flying aircraft and drunken midnight party singing. An artist, Marcel Dinahet and a writer and curator, Jean-Marc Huitorel, were invited to participate in the video. Marcel Dinahet shot a number of video sequences from the surface and below the surface of the water of the local river Rance under the N176 road bridge which from time to time dramatically cut into the quiet action of the still sequences. Jean-Marc Huitorel added observations as text which occasionally scroll across the images. His ideas were informed by the landscape in the video and by his background knowledge of current and early Breton life.

A DVD was produced as an edition of 3. No 1 purchased by Fonds Régional d'Art Contemporain Bretagne in 2003.

Shown at

L'Ancienne Mairie de Plouër-sur-Rance. France. October 2002

Oriel Cambria Gallery, Tregaron, Wales. March 2003

Galerie du tnb. Rennes.France December 2002

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