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A Bunny Girl's Tale

Sarah Miles
13 mins Colour 16mm

A Bunny Girl's Tale

A Bunny Girl's Tale investigates the story of the British Playboy Bunny and how 'The Bunny Girl' still persists in the collective imagination.

In A Bunny Girl's Tale Miles picks through a pile of notions regarding Hugh Hefner's fluffy creation. Aging former bunny girls comb their scruffy threadbare tales reminiscing about the good old days while their daughters complain in shocked tones, 'but you were dressed as a rabbit!' Add a murder, the director's own mixed feelings on the subject, and P J Harvey crooning in black satin you get an ineffably strange and simultaneously compelling examination of an enduring icon.
Holly Willis, LA Weekly

The vivid memories of ex-bunny girls and their treasured memorabilia help to trace the history, from the opening of the club in 1968 to its closure in 1981. Archive footage reveals the glamour and innocence that surrounded the club's start in the swinging sixties to the disappointment of the king of the bunnies, Victor Lowndes, when the club closed. Key stories are dramatized as visual snapshots enriched by the personal reflection of the storytellers and the director's personal interpretation, as someone who considered becoming a bunny girl in 1976. BFI.

'A Bunny Girls Tale is her proudest possession',
Rules from the Bunny Manual.
'I thought do I want to work dressed as a rabbit? but I wanted to travel'
One of the original six British bunnies, (the 'Ambassadors to Britain') on becoming a bunny in 1968.

Investigating tales of the British Playboy Bunny Girl leads to the discovery of an unsolved murder. SM

Producer:Laura Hastings-Smith, Executive Producer: Kate Ogbourn
Cast:P.J.Harvey, Kitty Beamish, Kathleen Buscombe, Emily Scott, Clare Bush, Eileen Daly
Stills: John and Ed Miles
Premiere: Edinburgh Film Festival
Broadcast: C4 Film Four

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