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Sarah Miles
A Bunny Girls Tale uses anecdotal personal testimonies and found footage interviews to chart the rise and demise of the British Playboy Bunny Girl.

One of the original six women is interviewed with her daughter. The dialogue between these two women of different generations plays out the complexity of burgeoning sexual awareness and innocence. The young daughter acts as a referent for the older woman's lost youth and sexual prowess. The older woman speaks unapologetically about her time as a Bunny girl whilst her young daughter seems bemused and a little embarrassed. The film shifts between a celebration and critique of female objectification. This is acted out through a mother/daughter relationship in which the mother is protective of her history and the memory of who she once was. Her daughter plays with the idea of dressing as a Bunny girl and when she does the mother is both disturbed and proud. Tellingly, in one scene the older woman finds her disheveled and dirty old bunny tail in the garage, as she energetically brushes and fluffs the tail to its former glory, she re-invigorates and commemorates simultaneously not only the tail but also the memory of her former self.

Stills from A Bunny Girl's Tale by Sarah Miles, 1998
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