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Golden Syrup

Sarah Miles

with Yolande Brener, Fiona Denison

Golden Syrup

Out of the Sweetness came forth strength

I see the blonde as hot and sweet on the pancake of life'' John Kobal meets Golden Syrup.

Out of the plethora of cabaret and performance emerges Golden Syrup- three blonde beauties intent on subverting the stereotypes of women as sex objects and consumer queens. Combining surrealistic films with live shows they parody everything from the bimbo to the hippie from fashion shows to shopping.'
The Face April 89

Golden Syrup appeared in 1988 and embarked upon a strategy of global seduction. Incapable of functional adaptation to the context, they seduce by the play of resemblance.

'Reading it, however with a perfect contempt for it, one discovers in it after all, a place for the genuine.' Marianne Moore

Take three post sexual bimbos as a sign and place them into the bustle and excitement, the anonymity and malaise, of a vast seething urban environment. As outsiders, the humour is in their attempt to appropriate contemporary culture vis a vis shopping, eating, telephones, narcissism, work, play etc..
The three blondes are the catalyst, London is the agar jelly.
The blonde wig is a fetish. Men want to penetrate blonde wigs.
Statement by Golden Syrup.

Golden Syrup (Photographic works)
Untitled photocopy and acrylic A1 x 33
Presented in performance. The series consists of iconic images in blonde including Albert Einstein; Adolf Hitler; Cary Grant; The fly; Greta Garbo.

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