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Magnificent Ray

Sarah Miles
23 mins Colour Digibeta

Magnificent Ray

Magnificent Ray explores the western by focusing on gender relations in a confluence of dream movie genre and everyday life.

Filmed on location in Bridport and Portland in West Dorset, and featuring locals as extras and principal players, Florence encounters Ray a subtle souled girl slipping into forgetfulness. Their journey from showdown to slowdown explores the nature of dreams whilst sensing a narrative. Florence and Ray….Florence Ray.

'A world of emotional and sensory experience eddying endlessly, in atmosphere of the mind and in twilit regions of memory where past and present blur. Life is mysterious, a luminous halo, a semi transparent envelope surrounding us from beginning to end, consciousness is the end' Virginia Woolf.

Miles teases out the glamour cowgirl/boy in teenage girls through music and costume as they adventure through a rich, wild, west landscape.
Jo Lanyon, Director of Picture This Moving Image from the catalogue to the show.

Sarah Miles, a young English director knows how to guide someone's attention in a unique way. Based on her influence interesting and fascinating thought processes get in swing.
Taxi driver in Oberhausen

Shot on 16mm and DVCam
Editor: James Whitehorn; Director of Photography: NRG Smith, DVCam: Sarah Miles
Stills: Ed and John Miles
Cast: Kitty Beamish, Georgia Platt, Leonie Macdonald, Max Emblem.
Premiere: Spacex gallery, Exeter Oct 2000.

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