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Central Bazaar

Stephen Dwoskin
156mins Colour 16mm
British Film Institute productionassisted by Clive MyerEditor Rachel Igelmusic Gavin BryarsLocation manager Ros Spainproduction assistants Brian DonnellyNina Hopkins, Mike HenlyAdditional Assistants Paco AguirreMary Dickinson, Roger OllerheadThaddeus O'Sullivan

Central Bazaar

Central Bazaar derives its theme (as well as its title) from a shop which functions as a bazaar - that is, a place for the sale of miscellaneous articles.

Central Bazaar is a real place and it is this metaphor which remains the only available reference with which to place the film. This must be emphasised since the metaphor of the shop really exists, as do the events and imagery in the film which themselves becomes a metaphor for the viewer. S.D.

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