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Df Dmb Blnd

Stuart Croft
11 mins Colour MPEG4/DV
Gallery Loop

Df Dmb Blnd

A couple discuss their disintegrating relationship using nanotechnology.

London: the year 2070. Q-topia, a drug designed to provide immunisation against cancer has been a catastrophic failure. The drug's widespread use has left 39 percent of the world's population permanently blind, deaf and unable to speak. The process of nanotransmissional neurocognition, known commercially as NanoTran, has recently been integrated into vehicle design. Victims use their neurological impulses to control vehicles on designated roads, or 'pathways'. NanoTran also allows sufferers to 'speak' with each other via the direct use of fluent everyday speech, transmitted as text into the brain.

First screened at Dreaming of the Future, Flux Events, September 2004

Writer/Director: Stuart Croft
Cast: Phillippa Downes, Paul Fuller
Camera/Editor: Stuart Croft

Commissioned by: Flux Magazine and Philips Ltd

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