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Stuart Croft
22 mins Colour Digibeta
Gallery Loop


Two characters played by three actors are caught in a circle of shifting identity and noirish revenge.

Hit's double-handed scenario features two ex-lovers who exchange bitter recriminations and engage in an argument about addiction and gambling. The film employs a structure in which the same seven minute script is shot three times, and each sequence features a different arrangement of actors who shift and swap roles as the piece loops continuously. A filmic impossibility is played out against a thread of continuous bluff and double-bluff.

Hit places a deeply cinematic image inside a structural framework and reflects on the prevalence of desire, identity and capital as the conditions of our time.

Co-Producers: Stuart Croft, Fred Mann, Paul Fuller
Cast: Glenn Chapman, Phillippa Downes, Matthew Eggleton, Michael Bishop
Director of Photography: Zillah Bowes
Casting: Paul Fuller
Music: Sebastian J. Pedley
Editor: Stuart Croft
Commissioned by: Rhodes + Mann Gallery, London

Supported by: The Great Eastern Hotel London & Eagle Media Productions Ltd

First screening: Hit (solo exhibition), Rhodes + Mann Gallery, London, November 2003

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