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Rococo 55

Stuart Croft
36 mins Colour DV Cam
Gallery Loop / Cinema Semi-feature Film

Rococo 55

Rococo 55 tracks the chaotic sex lives and violent self-destruction of a group of interconnecting characters: a lovestruck male sex worker, an art-house 'erotica' film director, a posse of weekend porno actors and four Samaritans.

Drawing on the syntax of both mainstream cinema and video art, five short films are interlocked via a series of absurd mobile phone calls. Shifting contexts and a myriad of situations reflect on cinema's predeliction for multiple forms of sexual and violent behaviour. The film's structure creates a host of narrative reversals, entrapments and circularities, and Rococo 55 enables the viewer to reconsider the certainties of linear narrative. Each character is denied linearity by their own destructive pathologies, as well as by the film's structural and circular approach.

Cast: Paul Fuller, Brett Penny, Debra Penny, Kate Dineen, Sebastian Roach, Robin Deacon
Producers: Emma Bennett, Paul Fuller
Camera: Stuart Croft
Music: Gareth Bennett, Gerard Cousins
Editor: Stuart Croft
Online: Ben Tunstall

Produced in association with: Chisenhale Gallery, London

First screening: Rococo 55, Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London, November 2002

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