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The Loss Leader

Stuart Croft
14 mins Colour DV/digibeta
Gallery Loop / Cinema Film

The Loss Leader

A trilogy of fake car commercials is interwoven into a cinematic psycho-narrative.

In The Loss Leader's labyrinthine country house, three family members are caught in a series of fake and real deaths, fictive TV advertisements and hard, unrelenting memories. The film's surreal, miasmic film-space aims to destabilise conventional narrative logic. The work adopts various strategies to do this: the use of incompatible narrative modes, reversals of cinematic norms and a structural approach to editing.

First screened at The Parallax Hotel, Chelsea Inn Hotel, New York, October 2000

Producers: Stuart Croft, Emma Bennett
Cast: Paul Fuller, Michael Grinter, Caroline Arvid
Associate Producers: Callum Bulmer, Magnus Chisholm
Camera: Stuart Croft
Online Editor: Magnus Chisholm
Music: Gerard Cousins

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