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Blue Boys

Stuart Marshall
25 mins Colour Sound Broadcast

Blue Boys

Every year in Britain, hundreds of gay men have their homes searched and their careers and reputations ruined because they own gay pornography.

What leads Britain's Police and Customs services to target gay men with such fervour?

Blue Boys is a hard-news documentary which questions operations by the Police and Customs to smash so-called 'gay sex rings'. By talking to academic experts in the gay professions, and gay men who have come up against the law (including those convicted as part of the notorious 1990 sado-maochist 'Spanner' trial), the programme describes how the policing of pornography is fed by common prejudices against gay men and their culture. Blue Boys also looks at the relationships between Christian moral pressure groups, the government, and policing agencies (including the powerful Obscene Publications Squad of New Scotland Yard). It provides new evidence to challenge myths about the volume and violence of today's pornography and the dangers presented by it.

Maya Vision, 1992

This is a sharp analysis of moral panic and the sort of bigotry that drives some gay men to suicide.The Independent, Saturday 20th June 1992.

Produced by Maya Vision

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