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Stuart Marshall

Video Installation


The installation is mounted in a square room, the two monitors being placed at the mid-points of two opposing walls and the loudspeakers at the mid-points of the other two walls.

Screen 1 shows a continuous static take of a section of a room. Screen 2 shows a series of 270 degree pans and quasi-random camera movements using as a halting-point or pivot a view of the room exactly opposite that shown on Screen 1.

A frequently contradictory relationship is set up between events heard on the stereo soundtrack and seen on the two screens. In a sense the soundtrack is present as the constant 'off-screen' of Screen 2. Screen 2 occasionally captures certain of these events as narrative convention would demand, but when captured they frequently contradict expectations produced by the soundtrack or in some way exceed or deflate them. Temporal-spatial continuity is constantly challenged through an undermining of narrative causality. The work is fundamentally concerned with the problematising of the role and position of the viewer and the opening up of fissures or cracks in narrative conventions of representation posed thus as unable to contain activities which constantly threaten and exceed them.

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