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Orientation Studies 2

Stuart Marshall

Video Installation

Orientation Studies 2

The work was a development of aspects of Orientation Studies 1. The intention was to utilise imagery less conducive to a multi-monitor/continuous image reading (in the previous version the chosen imagery - flowing water - always read more as a movement than as an 'object' and by retaping this imagery from a row of monitors to produce anomalies between fixed and moving, representational and represented space.

The original material was shot in sections consisting of 360 degree pans, zooms or quasi-random camera movements.

These images were shown on a row of monitors - each monitor playing an identical image - and a series of secondary pans and zooms were superimposed. Details of landscape were chased across screens and would disappear and reappear according to the relationship of primary to secondary camera work. A superimposition of pans would suggest that the objects was in fact stationary on screen (that the camera was stationary) until the edge of the monitor drifted on-screen and the centrally framed object disappeared.

The result of such operations was a perceptual jarring and a constant questioning by the viewer of the actual nature of the shot.

The final tape was shown on a series of staggered screens which produced a suspicion of a temporal delay across the installation as the perspective regression of monitors produced a progressive masking of screens and hence a delay in the appearance of an object on the farthest screens.

London Video Arts Catalogue, 1978.

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