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Over Our Dead Bodies

Stuart Marshall
50/74 mins Colour Sound Video

Over Our Dead Bodies

This film documents the origins of the AIDS activist movement in the US and the UK and the gay community's growing anger and frustration with the totally in adequate response of the US political and medical establishment to the epidemic. While the film celebrates the real successes of this movement, it also examines the problematic debates within it concerning deomcracy, representation, power differentials, and the relationship between homophobia, racism and sexism. Finally the film describes the birth of groups such as Queer Nation in the US and Ourtage in the UK which have sprung out of a newly politicised sense of pride and community fuelled by the AIDS activist movement.

The final section of the film talks with a long term survivor of AIDS and discusses how the community has come to terms with grieving and interviews a founding member of the "Forget Me Nots".

Allowing the activists to articulate their analyses, the documentary makes powerful connections between the important roles of anger and grieving in political activism and the roots of AIDS activism in the history of the gay movement. One cannot help but be awestruck by the formidable task facing these activists, the sheer weight of ignorance, prejudice and indifference that stands as an obstacle to institutional change in the fight against AIDS.
Windy City Times, October 31st, 1991.

Broadcast as part of the OUT series on Channel 4, 7th August 1991.

Directed by Stuart Marshall
Produced by Rebecca Dobbs/Maya Vision

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