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Privileged View

Stuart Marshall

Video Installation

Privileged View

The installation was made for a specific room at the [Third Eye] Centre which is reached by steps from the main gallery. The room has the dual function of dressing room and projection box. It has two large mirrors surrounded by light bulbs and several small windows with shutters which overlook the main gallery space. Two tapes were shown simultaneously on two small monitors positioned on a table. The first consisted of the typing of a script and the second consisted of long circular shots of the room itself showing the tables in the room pushed together with chairs placed around them and various photographs, writings and documents scattered across their tops. The impression given was that some kind of meeting or conference had temporarily adjourned.

When the installation was shown all traces of this 'meeting' had been removed and the tables were replaced in their original positions.

The text suggested that another viewer had entered the room shortly after this meeting had adjourned and had discovered that the information there concerned his/her private life.

The work attempted to foreground the voyeuristic aspects of viewing by associating the projection of phantasy (paranoid delusions of being watched) to the use of video systems in surveillance, and then throw this voyeurism out towards the viewer in a sequence of uneasy questions.

Live Art Catalogue1978

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