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A Skinny Little Man Attacked Daddy

Vivienne Dick
28 mins Colour Betacam

A Skinny Little Man Attacked Daddy

A look at my family and the place where I grew up. So much of what is 'me' comes from attitudes, expectations, fears, habits and beliefs that I inherited from my parents (and they in turn from theirs). This video is about separation from the family. My work is to try to know myself - the only way to change inherited patterns. V.D. 1994.

A Skinny Little Man Attacked Daddyrepresents a return, a settling of psychic accounts with her family and place of origin. The rural social landscape in Donegal contrasts with textures of 'big city' life in this gentle investigation into inherited identity and the route to mortality. The boundaries between the home movie and television social documentary are dissolved in an exploration of everyday life, as the film performs devastingly honest open-heart surgery and tries to understand an individual experience, a personal version of the 'family system' from the inside.
Rod Stoneman in A Directory of Film and Video Artists, (ed) David Curtis, John Libbey/ACE 1994

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