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After Eight

William Raban
35mins Colour 16mm

After Eight

After Eight takes three views and weaves them into a continuous lineal thread of time.

The movements of the camera are scripted according to a score, so that a panning movement of the camera or a zoom-in to close-up may have no causal relation with events taking place within the field of view. The same score determines the starting and stopping of the camera, so that sometimes actions are truncated before completion.
The camera movements are formal. Starting from long static views, the panning movements develop by equal amounts in the three places: a shift of view from left-to-right in one location is echoed by the same movement in the next space. The camera procedure, and the way of filming interior/exterior space divided by a window that sometimes dissolves into the screen edges (film frame) suggests a co-ordinated synchronism between the camera operators and reinforces the sense of time unity established by the soundtrack. W.R.

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