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On a Winter's Night, A Traveller

Zineb Sedira

Seven screen LCD video installation

On a Winter's Night, A Traveller

In the seven-screen video work On a Winter's Night a Traveller (2003) the points of neither departure nor arrival change; they exist as sites of transit, a journey from London to Algeria by air.

The seven screens are placed side by side, suggesting a road, a horizon, a frontier. Each screen catalogues stages of the flight, from takeoff to landing; en route above the clouds, in air space, the marked geography of the land is hidden. While we are in transit, neither completing the story nor narrating the detour is possible, and as mise-en-scènes follow on from each other we are transported into an imaginary border area where we may look forward into a new world while also looking back at the old. In pursuit of our fascination with the horizon, we are paradoxically forced to face our confines. We begin to understand that where there are limits there are also other voices, bodies, and worlds. For the moment, they are on the other side, beyond our particular boundaries, up there in a gap distilled from a subliminal space from which we can observe our own appearance and disappearance.
from 'Letters of Transit' , Edith-Marie Pasquier

Commissioned by the Museum for African Art, NY, USA

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