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Devoted Super 8 Filmmaker
Matt Hulse
Devoted Super 8 Filmmaker
Super 8 - why bother with it? Surely a serious film maker these days would - as soon as possible - graduate to 16mm and then to 35mm and maybe even 70mm?

And why bother with celluloid at all, what with all these new digital formats - the future of cinema as we know it? And isn't being a film maker all about pursuing a meteoric rise from shorts to features with increasingly large budgets, even fancier kit and an A-list cast?

I suppose I had similar suspicions back in 1987 when I shot my first reels, but in fact I've been working almost exclusively with Super 8 since then - by choice - and I have no doubt that there's plenty more magic that it will bring to my work. I've not excluded other working methods, but I've worked out which is my trusted, best friend. This tour is not intended as a tutorial in Super 8mm technique. It is written in a spirit of enthusiam, a celebration of a specific medium by an individual maker. For a broader view and more details on technique and history, please explore the 'Useful Links' at the end of this tour.

A Canon 814 Super 8 Camera
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