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The themes section includes a selection of stills and moving images grouped under different subject headings.

Here you will find films and videos by LUXONLINE artists which are linked by their shared use of a particular aesthetic, production process, idea or belief. Under some of the headings you will also find subsections which allow you to browse some of the different aspects of the theme which artists have explored in their work.

Still from
Delilah by Tanya Syed
from Diagonal
ABSTRACTIONS Films exploring representation beyond the image.
Still from
Guide to Performance
BODY POLITIC Reframing the body image.
Still from Contra Flow
COLLECTIVE The collaborative process.
Still from Island Race
DANCE Experimental film and video provide new contexts and readings for dance.
from Fatima's Letter
DIASPORA Artists from diverse backgrounds.
Still from Island Race
DOCUMENTARY The contradictions of filming the real.
from Sky Light
Dynamo still
FILM AS FILM Exploring the properties of the film material itself.
from Contra Flow
HUMOUR Humour, in all its shades.
The Other Side installation
INSTALLATION Film enters the gallery as a sculptural form.
from Heads
PORTRAITS The portrait in artists' moving image.
Still from Public face
public eye
PROTEST Making a stand through politics of personal experience and protest.
from Temenos
SENSE OF PLACE Different responses to location, the rural and the urban.
Still from Lost Sound
SOUNDTRACKS Exploring the possiblities of sound, from the voice over to sound as image.
Thumbnail image
VIDEO ART Gallery installations, video walls and continuous loops.
Images from Messages
WORDS AND PICTURES Taking words off the page.
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