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Angela Kingston
Artists' films and videos are in some ways like fairy stories. They are often spun from nothing amongst friends and family.

Their setting is mostly the near-at-hand, the home, and their landscape is that which the artist chances upon. They are small in scale and intimate, fantastical and erotic, calamitous and funny.

There is shared imagery too. So many mirrors and all those beautiful sleeping women.

I am, also, interested in Marie-Louise Von Franz's (b. 1915) idea that, rather than representing dramas between different imaginary personages, a fairy story conveys the tussles of a troubled - or bewitched - individual psyche subject to different impulses. It is possible to think of many of the films and videos on this site in this way: as interior, psychological worlds.

For this tour I have taken single frames from films and videos featured here by Lux. I have stolen them (like the jewels Jack took from the Giant) and assembled them as a story-board. I have also taken extracts from well known fairy tales. Moments from the stories glance into moments of the films.

Here is an adventure which starts with the sun and ends with a moon (a honeymoon), via deathlike sleep and resurrection. There is, too, a crisis when a mirror misbehaves.

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