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Mark Aerial Waller
Kiss the Zombie
"She sniffed, wiped her nose on her torn fingernail, The sentence had been imposed. We had been executed. A COLD DRAFT It was intended that we should be executed."

Lis Rhodes' magnificent work lives on the purgatorial crossroads of all time, on a 'day split open on the palm of her hand'. This day happened at the Fall of man and continues every day for ever. This is not easy to face, but once faced it presents an ecstatic sense of freedom of knowledge and freedom from knowledge, a sense of transparency that goes beyond the grain. A Cold Draft is situated out of past present and future where 'reality is imposed to be believed, violence its currency and hypocrisy its shadow'.

Beyond this clarity lies beauty and Rhodes carries these thoughts over sublime fields in works which can be watched and rewatched into an extended present. It is situated beyond life and death. To reanimate this work does not create a situation in the simple present tense, but an heterogeneous time which St Augustine describes as being both extended both by memory and an expectation of what is about to be repeated. There is a movement backwards and forwards between the two, with expectation becoming shortened and memory becoming enlarged.

"To see the future in the past had always been illuminating and now therefore forbidden."
(Lis Rhodes)

Mark Aerial Waller
Mark Aerial Waller is the founder of The Wayward Canon, a shifting platform for the re-evaluation of cinema. Projects include all-night events, My Kleine Fassbinderbar; a monument to Fassbinder`s 'Berlin Alexanderplatz`, and The Sun Set; looking at the television phenomenon, Sunset Beach, with accompanying publication of drawings, poetry and critical essays by artists and theorists.
Still from Just About Now by Lis Rhodes, 1993
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