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Shoot Shoot Shoot - Mark Webber
Mark Webber
Shoot Shoot Shoot
In 1972-73, Gill Eatherley, Malcolm Le Grice, Annabel Nicolson and William Raban formed the Filmaktion group and presented several shows together including a weeklong residency at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool.

They often invited other filmmakers, such as David Crosswaite and Mike Dunford, to participate in these events. Expanded Cinema was a broad, limitless territory and during the early 1970s most LFMC members made work that tested the conventional boundaries of filmmaking.

This drive beyond the screen and the theatre inevitably took the work into galleries, but this was only really a practical measure. The open spaces and white walls were ideal for unconventional projection pieces. Though this activity anticipated recent trends in gallery based moving image works and installations, there was very little acceptance from the art world in the early years. Furthermore, the filmmakers made no attempts to commodify their work by producing editions. For many it was against their socialist principles.

See Reel Time (Annabel Nicolson) Play (Sally Potter) River Yar (William Raban & Chris Welsby)

Performance of Reel Time by Annabel Nicolson, 1973
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