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Shoot Shoot Shoot - Mark Webber
Mark Webber
Shoot Shoot Shoot
As the mid-1970s progressed it seemed like avant-garde film was on the verge of some kind of breakthrough in Britain.

The special film edition of Studio International was an indication that the art world might be taking the moving image more seriously. Significant events like the British Landscape Film screenings at the Tate Gallery, the Festival of Independent Cinema in Bristol, the Festival of Expanded Cinema at the ICA and Peter Gidal's Structural Film season at the NFT attracted attention and provided important meeting points for filmmakers. But the momentum that was built up in this period was again dissipated by another severe financial crisis, and yet another enforced change of location.

In 1976, the first organisational funding from the BFI forced the Co-op to adapt its structure and conform to formal business practices. This led to many changes, though the commitment and spirit of its members remained faithful to the constitution. Gidal and Le Grice, who had both been vital to the direction of the early Co-op, withdrew from the day to day administration and a new regime took over. After only two years at the 'Piano Factory' on Fitzroy Road, the LFMC was forced to move again to new premises in nearby Gloucester Avenue, which were shared with the London Musician's Collective.

The LFMC stayed in Camden until early 1995, when it entered temporary accommodation before moving to a new building in Hoxton Square. The Co-op was somewhat controversially dissolved in December 1998, at which point it merged with London Electronic Arts to become part of the Lux Centre.

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Mark Webber
Guy Sherwin, Ken Campbell and Tim Bruce and others outside the LFMC, c. 1977 Photograph by Mike Legget
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