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film and video a to z
still from 10.30 am

10.30 am

S. Biswas (2003)

still from 1001 Colours Andy Never Thought Of

1001 Colours Andy Never Thought Of

G. Barber (1989)

Reprocessed Warhol

still from 1001 Nights

1001 Nights

J. Al-Ani (1998)

Rooted in political events and told from the individual perspective of family members, 1001 Nights concerns how public events in the outside world impinge on private individuals.

still from 101 TV Sets

101 TV Sets

D. Hall (1975)

'An important precursor of British multi-channel video installation work'.

still from 1919 (A Russian Funeral)

1919 (A Russian Funeral)

M. Le Grice (1971)

The transformation of a piece of Russian newsreel film from 1919..

still from One is One

One is One

M. Tait (1951)

Tait's first film

still from 2'45"


W. Raban (1972)

A film event that successively records itself.

still from 20/1/2/64


D. Critchley (1974)

still from 2001 - A Family Odyssey; Ophelia's Version

2001 - A Family Odyssey; Ophelia's Version

S. Miles (2002)

Exploring the hidden systemic powers of identification within a family constellation through four generations.

still from Two Be Two

Two Be Two

V.Dick (1999)

A short piece shot in my 18th floor apartment in London.

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