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film and video a to z
still from Two Drawings on Glass

Two Drawings on Glass

C. Elwes (1978)

A video drawing

still from Two Pigeons

Two Pigeons

V.Dick (1990)

A sunny Spring day in London.

still from Three


I. Julien (1999)

Three explores aspects of desire through dance movements and symbolically weighted images.

still from Three


R. Nashashibi (1999)

still from Three (The Conservator's Dream)

Three (The Conservator's Dream)

I. Julien (1999)

Installation version of Three.

still from Three Cycles

Three Cycles

R. Haselden (1973)

A dance around a camera.

still from Three Paces UK

Three Paces UK

A. Syed (1989)

An urban fairy-tale in which three characters negotiate a space where myth and reality constantly collide.

still from Four Projected Movements

Four Projected Movements

A. McCall (1975)

A single fifteen-minute sweep of a triangular blade of light through 90 degrees, along a wall, becomes four distinct architectural interventions through the agency of the projector.

still from 50 / 50

50 / 50

R. Novaczek (1998)

A short beat/rap movie.

still from 591/2 Seconds for a String Player (versions 1-3)

591/2 Seconds for a String Player (versions 1-3)

J. Parker (2000)

Composed by John Cage in 1953, 59 1/2 seconds for a String Player runs through the gamut of possible ways to produce a sound on a 'cello.

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