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still from A Book For A Performance

A Book For A Performance

K. Meynell (1986)

A performance in which long hair is ritualistically cropped in front of the camera.

still from Absence of Satan

Absence of Satan

G. Barber (1985)

A deft reworking of cinematic narrative and cliché.

still from The Adventure of a Good Citizen

The Adventure of a Good Citizen

S. & F. Themerson (1937)

'The skies won't fall in if you walk backwards!'

still from Aerial


M. Tait (1974)

An abstract film song

still from Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock

I. Bourn (2000)

An oblique take on Hitch and his birthplace.

still from Alien Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Alien Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

H. Offeh (2006)

ABC was filmed in a Charlie Chaplin adventure playground in Oval.

still from Alone


S. Dwoskin (1963)

A girl waits alone in a room. A study of solitude and isolation.

still from Amaeru Fallout 1972

Amaeru Fallout 1972

S. Miles (1997)

Amaeru Fallout 1972 is a dreamlike narrative of transience and separation, an ode to homesickness through place and time.

still from AMY!


L. Mulvey & P. Wollen (1980)

still from And the road goes on...

And the road goes on...

Z. Sedira (2005)

And the road goes on... is a re-discovery of Algeria.

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