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film and video a to z
still from A13


W. Raban (1994)

A film of the urban landscape of East London, dominated by the shadow of the Canary Wharf tower.

still from A 24 Minute Retrospective in Two Parts

A 24 Minute Retrospective in Two Parts

D. Critchley (1976)

still from A Book For A Performance

A Book For A Performance

K. Meynell (1986)

A performance in which long hair is ritualistically cropped in front of the camera.

still from Absence


B. Beban (1994)

Visual poem on isolation and belonging.

still from Absence of Satan

Absence of Satan

G. Barber (1985)

A deft reworking of cinematic narrative and cliché.

still from Absolut Native

Absolut Native

G. Ndiritu (2003)

This piece deals with the effects of globalization on the Third World.

still from Abstract No 1

Abstract No 1

A. Nicolson (1969)

Hand painted and scratched loop film.

still from A Bunny Girl's Tale

A Bunny Girl's Tale

S. Miles (1998)

A Bunny Girl's Tale investigates the story of the British Playboy Bunny and how 'The Bunny Girl' still persists in the collective imagination.

still from Academic Still Life

Academic Still Life

M. Le Grice (1976)

A filmic equivalent to Cezanne's use of time and space..

still from A Call to Arms

A Call to Arms

C. Swann (1989)

An allegory of the emotional and practical struggles of the artist.

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