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still from At sea

At sea

A. Tallentire (1996)

still from At Sea

At Sea

C. Welsby (2003)

At Sea is a fictional seascape constructed with a combination of digital image making technology, multiple DVD loops, and four screen video projection.

still from The Attendant

The Attendant

I. Julien (1993)

A museum attendant is caught up in sado-masochistic fantasies.

still from At The Academy

At The Academy

G. Sherwin (1974)

Academy countdown leader, including the sound 'beep', transformed by multi-layered printing.

still from Attitudes 1-8

Attitudes 1-8

K. Meynell (1999)

Attitudes 1-8 with Hayley Newman, were made in reference to Emma Hamilton's performances in Naples at the end of the eighteenth century.

still from Auditorium


I. Breakwell (1994)

In Auditorium, the stage, and what takes place on it, is entirely in the imagination of the live audience, reacting to the reactions of an on-screen audience.

still from Autobiographical Patterns

Autobiographical Patterns

Z. Sedira (1996)

Autobiographical Patterns refers to the practice, common to many Islamic countries, of henna-drawn hand designs.

still from Autumn


C. Elwes (1991)

The last in the Three Seasons series for Channel 4's Eleventh Hour programme.

still from Autumn Rush for Kurt Kren and Winter and Spring and Summer

Autumn Rush for Kurt Kren and Winter and Spring and Summer

A. Thew (2003)

a single frame observation of trees filmed in stop frame motion with image time translated into musical/optical counterpoint.

still from Autumn Scenes

Autumn Scenes

W. Raban (1978)

A film of temporal and spatial dislocation in three parts.

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