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film and video a to z
still from Alabama Song

Alabama Song

M. Curran (1992)

still from A Length of Time

A Length of Time

A. Mogg (1970)

With Anthony Brueger. A subjective portrait of a young man. Partly a documentary about stockcar racing and partly a comparison between life and film time, to which the title refers.

still from Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock

I. Bourn (2000)

An oblique take on Hitch and his birthplace.

still from Alien Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Alien Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

H. Offeh (2006)

ABC was filmed in a Charlie Chaplin adventure playground in Oval.

still from Allegro Vivace

Allegro Vivace

M. Curran (1990)

"This is a world full of bodies"

still from All Kinds Of Red

All Kinds Of Red

R. Novaczek (2000)

A short piece about demise of all kinds.

still from All Kinds of Torture

All Kinds of Torture

C. Swann (1984)

Initially AKOT was actually made up of several pieces made on video and tape-slide.

still from All My Little Ducks

All My Little Ducks

M. Curran (1995)

The artist tries to drown himself

still from Almost Out

Almost Out

J. Parker (1984)

A confrontation/statement with fragments of dialogue between a mother, a daughter and a cameraman.

still from Alone


S. Dwoskin (1963)

A girl waits alone in a room. A study of solitude and isolation.

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