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film and video a to z
still from Anemometer


C. Welsby (1974)

The motion of the wind breathes new life into the stale tedium of the London rush hour.

still from Angles of Incidence

Angles of Incidence

W. Raban (1973)

A basement window becomes the axis for an arc of camera movement. Angles of incidence = angles of reflection.

still from An Idealized History: Part 1

An Idealized History

G. Ndiritu (2007)

still from Animal Studies

Animal Studies

G. Sherwin (1998-2003)

A series of meditations on the animal kingdom, comprising both physical and metaphysical reflection.

still from Anju


A. Nicolson (1970)

'Exploring areas of abstraction ... reworking images throughout the film making process.'

still from Ann(i)Mated


A. Course (1993)

To begin to start could never happen, To start to begin could be the end.

still from Another Empire State

Another Empire State

K. Piper (1987)

An examination of the relationship between the Thatcher Government and the Apartheid regime of South Africa.

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