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still from B.29 (Three Nights In)

B.29 (Three Nights In)

I. Bourn (1979)

Phil makes his own flying fortress bomber.

still from B & B

B & B

J. Smith (2005)

The perception of an Anglo-American hotel room is coloured by new revelations about 'The War on Terror' and 'The Special Relationship' that exists between Britain and the USA.

still from BaadAsssss Cinema

BaadAsssss Cinema

I. Julien (2002)

Documentary examining the short-lived, but deeply influential, flourishing of 'blaxploitation' films.

still from Backcomb


S. Pucill (1995)

In Backcomb the demonic is unleashed on domestic space

still from Back East

Back East

C. Swann (2000)

A childhood chronicle

still from Back Tor

Back Tor

A. Thew (2006)

A multi- screen installation work, shot once every year for seven years above Back Tor, near Strines, where my Father's ashes are scattered.

still from The Bad Sister

The Bad Sister

L. Mulvey & P. Wollen (1983)

still from Bagnena I-IV: Sparks of Pool

Bagnena I-IV: Sparks of Pool

A. Thew (1999)

A place in the hills near Arezzo. Dried rose, spines and rocks, turquoise blue, sparks of pool, yellow petals.

still from Ballet Black

Ballet Black

S. Dwoskin (1986)

An exploration of the history and attitudes of 'The Ballet Negres', the first all-black dance company in Europe.

still from Baltimore


I. Julien (2003)

Julien appropriates the styles, gestures, language and iconography of blaxploitation movies but juxtaposes them with museum spaces.

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